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“Like many people, our previous experiences with Real Estate agents has been less than desirable and in some cases borderline disastrous. I really do not even like mentioning Sarah Johnson in the same paragraph with these previous experiences. When you talk about people and agents of her character and professionalism, the industry begins to take on new meaning. At the time we found Sarah we did not care about anything else but honesty, that was our only criteria, because of our expectations of the industry. Sarah gave us this and so much more than we ever could have expected. She actually turned around one of these borderline disastrous experiences, and came in and immediately listed our house over-night and found a buyer the next day, for what we had it listed for! She has state-of-the-art technology, which also worked to our advantage. She helped find reputable repairmen, and scheduled times to let them in the house. Our buyer did not have a real estate agent, and she looked out for their best interests, as well. Which helped us respect her all the more. I never would have thought that conducting a transaction as complex as selling a house, could have ever turned out to be such a seamless process. She really has changed our perspective on the way the Real Estate industry can and should be!”

-David and Rhonda Coleman, Suwanee GA


“Sarah Johnson is one of the most hard working and reliable real estate agents I have ever known. She keeps her appointments in a timely manner and answers her phone calls quickly. Sarah went above and beyond on several instances while we were purchasing our new home, making the process much easier to work through. She is very knowledgeable about the entire process and kept us well informed. I have had several unfortunate experiences in the past with real estate agents who were only simply interested in making a sale. Sarah was always interested in what was best for my family. I am always available as a reference for Sarah, she has my number if you want to call. If you re looking for an agent that demonstrates the highest levels of respect and consideration than Sarah Johnson is the one for you.”
-Mike and Robin Gregory, Sugar Hill, GA

“Sarah Johnson helped us sell our home in a short amount of time. She worked aggressively with the buyer agent to close the deal. She was very knowledgeable and informative during the inspections; appraisals and closing. Sarah was also very attentive to our personal needs during home showings. She is very professional and understands the realty business and markets. I would highly recommend Sarah to help with your home buying or selling needs.”

-Jeff and Lori Cooper, Cumming, GA

“My wife Cheryl and I had the privilege of working with Jeff Johnson to buy
our first home together during the spring/summer of 2014. Being a military
man himself, Jeff understands and appreciates service members, and I was
thrilled to hear about his Home for Heroes program! He was a great advocate
as we looked at many homes and decided to go with a new construction
opportunity. He was a great guide in that process, and through Homes for
Heroes and the builder, all of our closing costs were covered. This was a
huge help for Cheryl and me, as it allowed us to put more towards our down
payment. There were several times we needed to reach him when he was either
on vacation or performing his military duties as a C130 reserve pilot, and
he still responded to our calls and emails. Jeff and his wife Sarah are
both outstanding real estate agents and simply high integrity people in
general. We would recommend them to anyone without reservation!”

-David and Cheryl Ewell, Cumming, GA

We have been renting in the Kirkwood area for a bit under a year and finally decided to buy a house- our first one! Homes for Heroes was mentioned to me (I think through Facebook) so I went online and came to meet with Sarah Johnson. Throughout the search, she continuously searched for houses for us, even when we were waiting on a response from a house. When looking at the houses, she was helpful in the decision making process by bringing up things we might not have thought about. Once we finally chose a house, she kept us informed of everything as soon as possible and let us get to understand the process of everything (which was the biggest thing because I have never bought a house before), and really kept our costs to a minimum.
Overall, I would highly recommend Sarah to help you find a home- she was spectacular for us!

-Kristin and Brian Donegan, Atlanta, GA

We first heard of Homes for Heroes from a fellow co-worker at the Cumming Police Department. We weren’t sure if we would be able to purchase a home on our own, being young and just starting out. We put in a request with Homes for Heroes, and within the hour we were contacted by Jeff and Sarah Johnson with COR Residential. Sarah and Jeff minimized the stressors of purchasing our first home and made the process as easy as possible. They provided us with their honest opinion and truly cared to lead us toward a home that we love. Our best interest was always accounted for throughout the entire procedure. If we had a question that was not provided, Jeff would do his best to find the answer. Buying our first home was scary at first, but it was a learning experience and having people who truly care and advocate for you makes the process comfortable and worthwhile. We truly could not have purchased the home we wanted without COR Residential. We highly recommend Jeff and Sarah, they are a team built off of integrity and compassion. Jeff and Sarah serve everyone, but the Homes for Heroes program allows those who serve our country and our people the opportunity to save money on a home for their families. Thank you COR Residential for your caring demeanor and passion for supporting those who serve.

-Tyler and Stephanie Burns, Dahlonega, GA

My wife Emily and I had the privilege of working with Jeff Johnson to buy our first home together during the spring of 2015. We were transferring not only locations but jobs as well, and needed to find a good home to set our family up for the next chapter of our lives. We really appreciated the effort he put in to helping us find the perfect home. As a former Active Duty and current Reserve Officer, Jeff understands the challenges military members face and relates to the challenges of transitioning from Active Duty to civilian life. He was a great advocate as Emily and I looked at many homes in both the northern and southern areas of Atlanta. Jeff had many houses for us to look at based on the inputs we had on what we were looking for in a home. He was a great guide in that process, and through Homes for Heroes all of our closing costs were covered. This was a huge help for me and Emily, allowing us to focus on preparing our family, the home and the impending move without financial stress. Jeff always answered any questions we had, and if we didn’t get him right away, was always calling within hours of our original attempt. He was able to attend the home inspection when we were unable to come back due to work and school constraints, walking side by side with the home inspector to give us the best idea of what shape the house was in. Jeff is an outstanding real estate agent and is willing to go the extra mile . We would recommend COR Residential real state to anyone without question.

-Chris and Emily Sovich, Cumming, GA

Sarah was such a blessing as we embarked on the journey of purchasing our first home. My husband and I had different views on styles, location, and budget. She always made us feel as though we were her only client with the level of attention and professionalism she displayed. Sarah was patient and helpful every step of the way (even when we changed our minds 180 degrees)! She listened to each of us and was always available to answer questions, schedule viewings, and provide insight into home ownership. I am constantly raving about our positive experience with Sarah and recommending her to others. Her participation in the Homes for Hero’s program provided valuable financial assistance at a time when we needed it the most! My husband and I are now in our dream house and it is all thanks to Sarah and her hard work, dedication, and perseverance with such newbies!

-James and Jennifer Womack, Woodstock, GA

Sarah Johnson, Agent/Owner of COR Residential Real Estates, rendered excellent service to me during my home buying process. Without complaint or hesitation, Mrs. Johnson helped me search for the perfect home that met all of my needs, wants and desires. Throughout the process of searching for my “dream home”, Sarah provided me with vital information that allowed me to make responsible and well-informed decisions. Sarah Johnson is a dynamic Real Estate agent and I would recommend her to everyone looking to purchase a home!

-Veronica Oliver, Snellville, GA

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